Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Traditionalgraduation cap decoration ideas Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Decorating undergraduate and high school mortar boards seems to be a recent rite of passage; however, its roots can be traced back to a centuries old practice for those receiving their doctorate degree. A common ritual for doctorate degree earners was to be presented with their graduating cap decorated by colleagues. Another historical practice for university or college graduates was to decorate caps to display mourning, particularly for deceased members of the monarchy. Two black bands, placed diagonal corner to corner, intersected in the center of the cap. The cap was next embellished with a black and white rosette placed over the point of intersection.

Cap Decorating Today

Nowadays within the realm of graduation cap decoration ideas, a cap is more likely to be draped as a symbol of remembrance than one of mourning. A tribute to a deceased loved one is only one type of remembrance. Adorning your cap with patriotic symbols or photos of an enlisted family member displays your pride in the sacrifice your loved one has given to our nation. A photocopy of your high school diploma or grade school report card adhered to your mortarboard’s top is a testament to the hard work you expended to get you where you are today. Perhaps you prefer to let a picture be worth a 1,000 words. Pictures of you as a baby, in grade school, with family, or of loved ones are symbols of your path to success.

If you have a current special loved one for whom you desire to make a deeper commitment, a marriage proposal spelled out on your cap could be a hit- especially if the object of your desire is in the audience. Securely pinning the engagement ring, or a costume jewelry replica, on top of your cap will support your sincerity. If you aren’t ready for that strong a commitment, perhaps a key tacked to a message for an apartment together or tickets for two to a vacation destination will serve as a sign of devotion.

High School Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

In the early 19th century the characteristic graduating garb for girls was a white dress and a dark suit for boys. By 1935 the distinguishing caps and gowns of university and college graduates was emerging as the graduation dress code for seniors earning a high school diploma. Not content to identify their cap by marking the inside with their name, seniors began to personalize their caps with embellishments on top of the mortarboard. In addition to the graduation cap decoration ideas for remembrance, high school seniors can elect to add such flourishes as tributes to their favorite rock star, movie idol or sports hero. Rhinestones have proven to be popular trimmings so progressing to honor society pins, sport medals, debate awards, band winnings or any of the myriad of awards earned in high school is a logical step. Your mortarboard is an empty canvas for you to bestow accolades on yourself. An alternative in the graduation cap decoration ideas arena may be to make what is old new again- borrow the idea used centuries ago for doctorate candidates- exchange caps with your friends. What a great memento you would share in conjunction with the yearbook autographs!